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About Minister Barry

Welcome, my name is Barry, an open-minded, honest, sincere and caring Ordained Minister of the American Marriage Ministries. I perform elopements and non-religious weddings at your selected location. Standard or custom ceremonies can be performed.  Having spent considerable time in more than 29 countries, has given me a good understanding of many of the worlds cultures and peoples helping bring a unique capability to your ceremony when applicable.

If you are considering marriage, my belief can be summed up pretty easily. I believe in the commitment of marriage, as well as the view that it is the start of a NEW family together, is a beautiful thing. I do not believe that marriage creates love, nor does it create a life-long commitment. The commitment has already been handled between the lucky couple. In my view, the wedding is a celebration of that commitment and a way for a couple to share the beauty of that love and commitment with the other loved ones in their lives. 

With this philosophy in mind, the ceremony will be a celebration of the love and commitment of two people, being shared with the people in their lives that they hold most dear; family, close friends and a few people sprinkled in because they give really great gifts.

Best of luck to you. May your life together be long and filled with love.


Motorcycle available for use at wedding.  Send inquiry with details on contact page.  Thank you